The Best Deals on Bed Frames for 2018 Reviews

A bed frame is an essential part of the bed which is ideal for positioning the mattress and the bed’s foundation. Bed frames are designed in two primary materials which are the wood and the metal. Although some bed frames may be designed with supporting mechanism for a canopy, a proper bed frame should contain a head, feet, and also the side rails.The bed frames also come in different sizes and designs for one to select from depending on their needs and preferences in use. How to choose the best bed frame. Focus on your mattress.

If you already have a mattress, it is essential that you check its size to make sure that you buy the right bed frame to fit in. The bed frames are made to fit with various mattresses such as the Queen and many others.

You require a bed frame that will fit in the bedroom and still leave enough space for movement, therefore take the measurements of the room so you can be able to determine the right size of the bed frame to buy.

The way that the bed frame is crafted plays a significant role to determine if it is reliable or not. Some are equipped with slate frames which ensures that a person does not sink while sleeping. Others have the feet provided with rollers for smooth movement of the bed. So make sure to choose a bed frame that fits your needs adequately.

Ten best bed frames for 2018.

10. Zinus 14 Inch Smartbase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

If you want a simple bed frame for use in college, then Zinus bed frame is the right choice. It is easy to assemble the bed frame as it does not require any tools for joining and the bed frame also comes with a spring box for replacement. The underside consists of a storage space where you can keep large items like the suitcase. Although is crafted with steel material, the bed frame is designed with a non-noise reduction mechanism which prevents it from producing loud noises especially when one is turning. Note that the bed has to be used with a smartbase headboard brackets in order to connect it to the headboard.

9. Zinus Headboard Bracket

This headboard is crafted with steel material that ensures its durability and sturdy when fixed. The headboard requires to be set on zinus smart base Deluxe smart base and also Elite, smart base. The headboard is quite easy to assemble, and the item is equipped with multiple slots for easy adjustments when fixing it to the bed. The headboard comes in two packages which are to be attached to both the headboard and the footboard although the footboard requires two sets.

8. Zinus Modern Studio 14 inch Platform 1500h Metal Bed Frame

The bed frame is designed for use with queen size mattress, and it also has wooden slat to provide support to the sleeping individual and avoid sagging. Assembling of the furniture is comfortable hence no need to hire a technician. Other excellent features found on this frame include the foam padded tape essential for reducing noises on the steel areas. The bed frame also has a nonslip tape which is equipped with the wooden slats of the frame to protect the mattress from moving. The bed frame comes with a user manual for instructions and therefore, make sure to follow the guideline to ensure the item is well fixed.

7. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty 14 Inch Platform Metal Frame

This is a tremendous and reliable mattress base which is crafted of durable and robust materials for extended usage. It is suitable for all types of mattresses, and when not in use, you can fold it to maximize your space. Note that the mattress frame fits inside most of the bed frames and can still function even without the use of a spring box foundation. The bed is quite comfortable to assemble since it does not need any tools for collecting.The bed frame measures 14 inches in length, and it is also equipped with a 13-inch range of storage space under. You can easily drag the bed without worrying about damaging your floor since it has capped legs that keep the floor safe.

6. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable bed Base with Massage

Apart from providing a comfortable surface to sleep in, the bed is also equipped with a massage mechanism that enables you to relax your body after a long day of work. The bed is adjustable to different ergonomic positions to fit the user’s needs. The bed frames come with remote control and a USB connector for easy control of the bed when massaging or reclining it.The mattress frame has a three-speed settings massage for both head and the feet areas. You can use the bed frame with different mattress which includes foam memory, latex and also the air mattress.

5. Kings Brand Furniture 7-leg Adjustable Bed Frame

This bed frame is compatible with a wide variety of mattresses such as the queen, full, full xl, Twin, twin xl bed and so on. The bed comes with a total of 7 legs adjustable metal bed frame which is equipped with center support to prevent the body from sagging when one is asleep. The wheels are fitted with a roller that is also lockable for smooth movement around the room. Construction of the item features sturdy steel material that is durable and offer ample support to the headboard and the mattress.

4. Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

The bed frame is equipped with steel slats that offer excellent and ample support for different bed mattresses. It is quite sturdy such that you will not need to use it with a box spring for adequate support. The bed frame features steel structure that is strong and durable for supporting medium-sized person. It is equipped with a steel frame to avoid the mattress from sliding and wobbling.

3. ZinusModern studio 14-inch Platform 1500 metal Bed frame

The bed frame is equipped with excellent features that ensure you have a comfortable sleep all night long. It is easy to use with any mattress even without the use of a spring box, and it also consists of wooden slats in the middle to ensure that the person sleeping does not sag. The bed frame is equipped with plastic legs which prevent the bed from scratching the floor when dragged. It doesn’t produce loud noises especially when one is turning due to the presence of the padded tape on the steel frames. The presence of the non-slip tape on the wooden slates prevents the mattress from moving when one is asleep.

2. Zinus compact 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

The bed frame is designed with a stable form, and it is essential to support the legs entirely. The bed frame also features steel construction and has a locking system to prevent it from moving when one is sleeping. The legs of the bed frames are recessed to ensure safety. Assembling it is quite easy, and it does not need tools to do so. It is designed to be used with box spring and mattress set.

1. Zinus 14 inch Elite, smart base Mattress Foundation

This is the best bed frame for all people including those who are extra tall. it is equipped with excellent and sturdy materials to ensure that it lasts for long and offers support as well. The bed frame features noise reduction mechanism that ensures there are no noises heard when one is turning. The bed frame measures about 14 inches in length and has an extra 13 inches under which is ideal for providing storage space. The bed frame is foldable for smooth movements. Note that the bed frame has to be used with the headboard bracket for secure connection to the headboard.


If you are looking for a reliable bed frame to use with your mattress, consider the above ten reviewed bed frames. Each bed frame has various features to meet the customer’s need regarding its use and reliability as well. Make sure the bed frame is made of sturdy material and is compatible with your bed and mattress for relaxed and comfortable night sleep.

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