The Best Receipt Printer for Home, Kitchen and Restaurant

Receipt printers have become an important point of sale system. They are majorly used in retail environments to print credit slips and customer receipts. An emerging trend at the restaurants is the adoption of the use of receipt printers to print off orders. They vary in shape, size and function ability. Read full reviews: Best Projector Screen. Utilize this article that has narrowed down the best-selling receipt printers for home kitchen and restaurant use.

#10. USB Thermal Receipt Printer TEROW

Suitable for commercial, retail point of sale system. Features great function ability with the presence of a compatible ESC/POS print command, bitmap, graphics printing and an inbuilt data buffer. Read full reviews: Best Business Projectors. The regit and insight pos are some of the systems that are available to the portable receipt printer.It has an excellent structure that makes it easy to carry, easy paper installation and easy to maintain.It also results in high speed and quality printing yet it is very affordable.

#9. Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer

Incorporation of the Epson Epos technology gives this printer an upper hand by allowing direct printing from web-based applications and mobile devices. Its TM-T2Oli feature allows USB connectivity and the ready print thermal receipt brings about flexibility in coupon printing on receipts. Read full reviews: Best Wireless Gaming Mouse. It uses thermal line printing technology and has a power consumption of about 1.8 amperes.

#8. Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN

For advantages in Distance, Connectivity, Communication, Reliability, and Mobility, the Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Ethernet (LAN) Thermal Receipt Printer comes in handy. The Ethernet connection with included cables gives it the ability to print 43 receipts per minute. Has the future PRNT software that enables the printer to customize receipts. The presence of the PromoPRNT allows you to automatically create printed promotions in addition to receipts. It’s uniquely designed to allow easy paper loading and always delivers a flat receipt. Read full reviews: Best Printers

#7. 80mm Thermal Kitchen Printer

Waterproof, oil proof and dustproof professional kitchen printer. It has a sound and alarm indicator that play a major role in ensuring that you never miss an order. It has excellent design features and comes with a mount that allows mounting on wall surfaces hence saving space. It has a window based ESC/POS Command system i.e. Read full reviews: Best Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antennas. Uses serial, USB and Ethernet dual interfaces. With a high print speed of 260mm/Sec, it features 99% auto cut of paper ensuring no receipt falls on the floor when orders come in.

#6. LOSRECAL Thermal Receipt Printer

LOSRECAL is a brand that is dedicated to offering the highest quality products. It has a built-in data buffer and automatically prevents paper jams due to the adoption of returning knife calibration technology. The presence of the IAP online upgrade, black mark detection and printing status sound reminders ensures less wastage. It is cost-effective. Read full reviews: Best Portable Battery Charger. This is a factor that is brought about by the fact that the printer does not need an ink cartridge. The printer automatically prevents it from overheating.

#5. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer 4×6

Aimed with a window and mac system, the MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer 4×6 installs and works like a regular thermal printer that can create customized labels directly from any applications. It has the ability to auto analyze and learn labels a factor that creates convenience. Read full reviews: Best TV Wall Mount. Features an automatic label identification that supports printing label from 1.57″ to 4.1″. It has a high printing speed of 150mm/s and does not need cartridge or ink.


This address label maker Support prints labels from 1.57″ to 4.1″ wide, suitable for shipping labels and warehouse labels. Performance relatively well with a high printing speed of 150mm/s. Uses window and Mac systems that allow customization of labels. It is green friendly, hence does not need any toner or ink. Read full reviews: Best Wireless Mouse

#3.3’1/8 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

ITPP068 is 80MM thermal receipt cashier POS printer comes with USB+Serial+LAN three interfaces to meet different demands. It has sound and a light indicator that ensures one does not miss an order. It Supports Windows software based on ESC/POS command, highly efficient with an auto-cutter and a printing speed 300mm/Sec. Read full reviews: Best Wireless Earbud. It’s uniquely structured; it has a wall Mount Hanging Design, Kitchen printer with two hanging holes on the bottom that are easy to use and compatible with many operating systems. It’s a green friendly printer, hence it does not use ribbon or ink.

#2. TM-U220B, Impact, two-color printing

This printer is reliable, compact, and optimized for high-speed of 6lps throughout. It offers all the easy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries and two-color printing to highlight special offers, kitchen orders and impact-full coupons. Also, the TM-U220B is uniquely designed to be compatible with existing operating systems. Read full reviews: Best Wireless Headphone

#1. POS Printer, MUNBYN 80MM

It’s a High-efficiency printer with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed–230mm/Sec. Direct thermal printing. Fast printing of text and images, long-lasting auto-cutter up to 1.5million cuts. It supports the cash drawer and logo printing. You can add LOGO on receipt from its Setting Tool in CD driver. Read full reviews: Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers. Support all windows systems based on ESC/POS print command. Support USB OR LAN Port connects. DO NOT support Mobile iPhone iPad system. DO NOT have Bluetooth/WIFI. It’s not wireless.


The above-named products are uniquely made to meet the needs of a consumer. They will last a long time and enable you to enjoy smooth services. As you can tell, there are multiple products for you to choose from. That being said, you cannot go wrong with any of the products in our review. It just comes to a matter of personal opinion. Read full reviews: Best French Press Coffee. We hope that you have found the top 10 best easy to use printer list helpful.

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