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The Best Callus Shaver – TOP 10 for 2018 Reviews

Callus is a problem that many people want to get rid of because it makes them not to be confident showing off their feet. Callus shavers are now popular since they offer a gentle solution for pulverizing the callus and making the skin to be smooth. The results are long lasting. The important features to consider when getting a shaver is the safety of the pedicure tool and how long it takes to show the desired results. When using the shavers, one should avoid scrubbing so that they don’t harm themselves. Turn the shaver on and choose the ideal setting depending on the callus you have.

10. Amopé Pedi Perfect

Get rid of callus skin effortlessly with the best item that will make your feet soft within minutes. It also works gently and more efficiently to buff away dry and rough feet. Have an easy time using it on both dry and wet feet as it is waterproof and will give the perfect pedicure even in the shower. The dual speeds on it ensure that it works on a broad range of skin types. There is also a rechargeable foot file and a charging station included in the package making it convenient.

09. Care me

This pedicure tool is a must for those who love to reveal beautiful feet. It has two large and super coarse rollers that make it both safe and comfortable to use than scrapper or scrubbers. Do away with cracks, nasty calluses and even dry spots using it as it works fast and efficiently. Its speed is enhanced by the improved motors on it that give 40 turns/second. The premium NH battery makes it run for 40minutes when fully charged, and this takes 5-8hours.

08. MiroPure

Don’t miss out in showing the feet this summer because of dry or cracked skin. This product is made to work gently and instantly give silky smooth feet. It has IPX7 waterproof certification that makes it ideal to be utilized in immersed or running water. The powerful motor and the refillable roller that rotates 360degrees both work to ensure that it can get through thick callus and give the incredible results. it has a fine, coarse roller for delicate skin.


Enjoy a perfect pedicure at home thanks to Amope Pedi whole foot file. It has dual speeds so that it can give excellent results on various skin. The refillable regular coarse roller on it rotates 360degrees so that it can offer quick results. Its handle has an ergonomic shape, so that is also soft to touch for an effortless pedicure with it. Use 4AA batteries that come with the kit to power it and remove dead skin.

06. Nature tech

The outstanding feature of this product is the two micro mineral stone to particles on it that pulverizes dead skin in an instant. You can now exfoliate and clear callous faster with it as it has a refillable roller which spins 360degrees. Save on both time and money by choosing it. One requires AA batteries to operate it and have excellent results. You can also decide to get the repair cream balm that works to soften corn callous.

05. Own Harmony

This eco-friendly and wallet friendly item is a must have for those who love pedicures because of its incredible features. It has an innovative design that makes on use less effort while getting the desired results. It has also been built to last as its roller is made of quartz micro mineral crystals. Have a wide area coverage with it, and you should not apply pressure and not use it for more than 4seconds on a zone. It is rechargeable.

04. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano

Smoothing the skin on the feet has never been easier as it is with this pedicure tool. It has a small size so that one can easily hold it. Have a gentle and effective way of buffing dead and calloused skin. Unlike other methods that require constant scrubbing. The roller has been uniquely designed to spin 360degrees and also has micro mineral particles for best performance.

03. Zoe + Ruth

Add professionalism to your pedicure with this product. It has a lightweight, and ergonomic design makes it easy to carry around so that one never misses a moment when with it. It has a travel storage case that is of high quality. Get value for your money as it delivers on quality, functionality, and performance. It is rechargeable and environmentally friendly. The three micro-abrasive rollers enhance its durability.

02. Emjoi Micro-Pedi

Have the best pedicure kit to help with clearing callous. This revolutionary product takes chore in ensuring that it makes the skin smooth. Save money and time that you use going to the spa or salon by doing a pedicure at home and your comfort. This tool is gentle and is safe than using a pumice stone. Get it without breaking the wallet.

01. Amopé

This best-selling item is ideal for dealing with tough, hard skin making it silky smooth. The tool has diamond crystals with finely ground particles to help in giving the desired results. The micro lumina roller head has an ergonomic design and works quickly to offer the results within minutes. Amope uses AA batteries. The handle is comfortable so that one uses less effort.
Flaunt smooth legs this summer by choosing to use the callus shavers that have been featured in this article. Save money that you used to go to the spa with as this pedicure tools are easy to operate. Having smooth skin has just been made easier by this list that offers you the best. Do not be left out.

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