The Best Cheap IPad Case – TOP 10 for 2018 Reviews

An iPad is a delicate device that requires being handled well as it can quickly drop or get scratched as well. One method of keeping this device safe is by putting it in a case. Not only does an iPad casing protects your iPad but also makes it easy to hold while working. Some iPads are sold at a pocket-friendly price such that you don’t require to drain your savings to buy an iPad case. This case includes:

10. iPad 2017 iPad 9.7-inch case with Smart trifold Stand

The case is designed in light weight that makes it carry and hold for a long hour without tiring.It is compatible with the iPads that are 9.7 inches. It is made with soft and durable material that offers protection to the front and the back of your iPad. For more comfort, the iPad has three fold front cover that has dual stands enabling you to adjust and move the iPad for more comfort.The presence of the magnetic cover allows the iPad to restarts and sleep when not functioning automatically. Note that the stand is only compatible with iPad 9.7 inch 2017.

09. SUPCASE New Ipad 9.7 2017 Case

The case comes with an integrated screen protector that guides prevent the device from breaking in the case where you accidentally drop it. It is designed with edges that protect the lenses and the edges of the screen.It is made with holes for port access such that you can be able to either charge or share data while the case is on. The case is only compatible with iPads that are 9.7 inches.

08. iPad Pro 10.5 Inches Charcoal Gray Color Case

The case is manufactured using PC hard cover that has soft edges to protect the entire iPad.It is also designed such that is can perfectly fit with a smart keyboard and remain enough space for a quick connector. It is compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 inches only. The case makes it possible to hold the iPad for a long hour without getting tired since it is made in slim and light weight.

07. MOKO case For All New Amazon Fire HD And Tablet

The casing is only compatible with 7th generation-2017 release iPads. It is quite efficient since it has an inbuilt automatic power that shuts the device off when the cover is closed. It is light thin and in weight hence easy to carry and hold for long hours.For durability purposes, the case is designed with premium PU leather, and the interior is made of microfibre for that extra and soft touch hence preventing the device from getting wet. Other features include an inner strap that you can use to hold the iPad while working with it and it also makes it easy to work with one hand.The presence of the flip stand makes it easy to have clear and excellent viewing from all the angles. For quality assurance, the case is sold with a life time warranty.

06. Fintie smart Shell Case For Kindle Paperwhite

The iPad case comes in different colors for customers to select from and is designed to be used with Amazon Kindle paper white iPads such as 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 among others.Other versions compatible with this case include the 300 ppi versions that have 6″ high-resolution display and a built in light. The case is also made with synthetic fiber that protects the device from getting scratches and a soft interior that ensures the iPad is free from any wetness. It is made with light weight and magnetic clips that cover the entire device including the front part. The cover puts the iPad to a dormant mode when you close it and open when you flip the cover.

05. Black 360 Degree Rotating Stand Leather Stand Case

The casings are designed in different colors for customers to select from according to their taste of color.The case can be rotated to a 360-degree angle for precise and excellent viewing.The outer part is made of leather suitable for protecting your iPad from scratches while the interior is made with soft microfiber useful for protecting it from getting wet. The case has a smart cover that controls the iPad to either remain awake or sleep when you close it.

04. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Case- Pro Case leather Stand Folio Case Cover

The case is designed for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches only.It is made with durable outer leather cover and soft interior to protect against scratches and breaking. The case is designed with multiple slots that enable the user to set it up in different horizontal angles.The cover of the iPad supports its sleeping mode whereby if you flip it over the iPad it goes to sleep and vice versa.You can comfortably access all the iPad feature such as the charging port, camera, and also speakers without difficulties. The casing has a pencil holder suitable for holding the device while working with it.

03. JEtech iPad Air Case Slim Fit Smart Case Cover

The case is compatible with the iPads that are models A1474, A1476 and A 1475 and should be iPad Air ist edition. It is made with a sturdy outer cover that protects against scratches, and the interior part is made with soft material.It has all the necessary cut out to enable the user to easily access the accessories such as the camera and the charging port. The item comes with six months warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

02. Fintie New iPad 9.7 Inch and Air 2/ipad Air Case

The case is designed for iPad model numbers A1474, A 1475 and A1476 which is Air 2 and with a dimension of 9.7 inches. The case can also be used on the tablet models A1822 and A1823.
The case is adjustable giving you the opportunity to tilt the iPad to the most comfortable angle. Other features include a card and document pocket where you can store your important documents.The case is durable since it is designed with durable leather material for the exterior part and a soft fiber for the inside. It is light in weight and hence does not add unnecessary weight to the iPad.
For color fans, you can get this case in a color of your choice since it comes in different shades of colors.

01. iPad Keyboard Case iPad Air keyboard case

It is designed with an in-built keyboard that has a detachable back side and does not give you problems while typing. For iPad air, the casing is compatible with model numbers A1474, A1475, and A 1476 and with iPad 5 2017 models A1822 and a1823 too. Please note that the item is not supported by iPad Pro, iPad 4th Gen and iPad 3rd Gen.It is also equipped with IOS double space to insert period preference that enables you to manage the general settings.


The above are ten of the most and best affordable iPad cases to choose from. Make sure that you purchase a casing that is compatible with your device since they are designed for different devices compatibility. You can buy a case online as various sites sell such cases and you also get the opportunity to select the color or design you want for your iPad from the sites.

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