The Best Fitness Smartwatches and Running Watches – TOP 10 Reviews

The history of watches began in the 16th century in Europe. Watches were evolved from portable spring-driven clocks and developed to a mechanical device into the 21th century which was powered by wind.

In today’s world, smartwatches are considered a show of timeliness and class and worn by both males and females. They vary from color, size, make model and use. Below is a narrow down of the ten best fitness smartwatches and running watches. Read full reviews: The Best Receipt Printer for Home, Kitchen and Restaurant

#10. Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch is a device that has been passed by military specification testing against various conditions. It features a built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that is compatible with selected Bluetooth cable smartphones. It has a wireless charger and the average battery life is based on the model, size and type of watch. The galaxy watch has GPS capabilities and a system whereby it can detect when one switches to other activities. During workouts, one can automatically select exercise routines and it monitors heart rate. Read full reviews: The Best Eyeglass Cleaner

#9. Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Health

This is a watch that elevates your moments. It features a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist i.e. By the use of Amazon Alexa built-in, you will be able to access news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms and control your smart home devices with the sound of your voice. It can monitor your heart rate, restlessness, time spent sleeping and sleep cycle that aids you in monitoring you’re sleeping habits and patterns. It gives you the option of downloading your Pandora stations and your favorite playlist. It has enough space to carry more than 300 songs. It acts as a health checker by tracking the number of calories burned, steps distance and hourly activities. Read full reviews: The Best TV Mount Stand

#8. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch

With the always-on Retina display, apple watch series 5 consumers also enjoy a touch sensitivity of 1000 nits. It features a second-generation optical heart sensor application that enables you to monitor your heart rate and rhythm. It comes in handy as it aids women in tracking their menstrual cycle using the cycle tracking application. Apple Watch Series 5 is armed with a compass and ground elevation to show you directions and enables you to download the latest apps from the app store. It acts as a motivator to athletes as it aids them in crushing fitness goals by offering advance metrics for every level of athlete and offering work out routines. It’s a source of entertainment by enabling you to stream the whole apple music library, audiobooks and podcast. Read full reviews: The Best TV Wall Mount

#7. Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Amazfit T-Rex

It features a variety of four clock faces for the consumer to choose from. Its long battery life gives it an advantage over other watches as it can take up to 10 days with one full charge. The Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phone IP68 is specially designed with stopwatch and countdown timer functions that enable you to optimize your training and work sessions. It is compatible with selected Bluetooth capable smartphone via the very fit pro app, a factor that will allow you to receive call alerts from calls, read messages, emails, engage on your social app and keep track of your calendar. It is an IP68 waterproof standard, can be worn while swimming washing hands, etc. It also acts like a health tracker and menstrual reminder. Read full reviews: The Best Paper Shredder

#6. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2

 SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch

An amazing choice to consider if you are a selfie fanatic as this smartwatch comes with a camera remote controller that enables you to take a photo from your wrist once it’s paired with the app specification screen. Its interior is built with a full metal unibody and a 2.5 curved tempered glass screen that gives the smartwatch a smooth touch screen control, better viewing angles and making it more durable than ever before. The infusion of a lower –power consumption Nordic NRF52832 chip combined with 180 mAh large capacity lithium battery gives it a 10-day normal use and 25-day long standby battery life. The smartwatch supports health management by monitoring your calories, steps tracker, sleep cycle tracker, monitoring your heart rate, reminding you to move, alarm clock, stopwatch, etc. It enables you to receive alerts from calls, SMS, email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and it’s a source of entertainment whereby with one tap on the screen you can enjoy your favorite music. Read full reviews: The Best TV Screen Protector

#5. Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Look and feel good with the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch that comes with an innovative heart sensor incorporated with the Huami-PAI Health Assessment System that monitors your heart rate and gives you information on your physical capacity. It contains real beats al-based biological data engine that can be able to detect arrhythmia. The smartwatch features a variety of 17 widget options to choose from. The smartwatch was specially designed for comfort by using materials of aircraft-gradee aluminum alloy to keep it thin and lightweight. It is waterproof hence can be worn while swimming, washing hands or even running in the rain. Read full reviews: The Best Security Cameras

#4. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Men's Gen 4 Explorist HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

This was uniquely designed to satisfy the needs of the alpha male. The smartwatch features customizable dials that enable you to personalize your watch according to your mood, style, preferences, etc. It automatically measures your heart rate during your work out and has an untethered GPS that tracks the distance of your run. It features the google fit that acts as a health coach by giving you activity goals based on the American Heart Association and World Health Organization recommendations. With the emerging trends into our digital world the google pay feature enables you to make payments using your smartwatch wherever mobile payments are accepted. Its wears os by google keeps you informed with the current news. Read full reviews: The Best Streaming Media Player

#3. UMIDIGI GPS Smart Watch


Galaxy Watch active2’s built-in sleep tracker offers valuable insight on how to level up your downtime. This is achieved by the infusion of software that monitors your stress level and incorporation of a calm app. The aluminum and stainless steel materials used are to ensure its light enough to wear anywhere comfortably. The presence of the advanced sensors is to keep your pace during work out routines and can play audio to keep you entertained. Read full reviews: The Best Espresso Machines

#2. Docooler Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch

Docooler Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch

It features up to 8 pre-fabricated watch face with a true color screen that has excellent visibility even when outdoors and under direct sunlight. This results in the ultimate visual experience for the consumer. With the incorporation of the Bluetooth technology, it acts as an intelligent assistant by receiving, email, and message alerts. It has a real-time heart rate detection system and the Huawei trusleep tracking technology that keeps track of your sleep cycle. Read full reviews: The Best Landline Phone Equipment

#1. Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Creators of the Amazfit Band 5 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor smartwatch had convenience in mind while designing this watch. This is expressed in its highlight feature which is the full touch screen that gives you quick access to information whenever needed. Its heart rate monitoring system works 24/7 tracking your heartbeat and rhythm while the sports mode tracking app can record up to 14 routines workouts and keep data of your running distance and map of the work out route. Read full reviews: The Best Media Racks and Stands​​​


Fitness smartwatches and running watches have now become a necessary device as they aid us in keeping up with important aspects of our day to day lives. They ensure contentment and satisfaction with the service they offer. Boredom is not your thing anymore as they are also a form of entertainment. Make a point and acquire one, trust me you will never regret that decision.

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