The Best Hair Cutting Kit – TOP 10 for 2018 Reviews

Hair cutting kits enable people to practice self-haircut at home. Have the unique style that you always desire by getting the ones in this article. In order to have the best grooming ensure that it not only delivers on quality but also performance and functionality. Safety is also another fundamental feature to look out for so that one doesn’t purchase a product that is harmful to them. Go through this list since here is where you will find them. There is no need for buying a product that will not last long. The prices are also pocket-friendly so you won’t miss one that will meet your needs.

10. Remington HC4250

Get a quality haircut at home with Remington kit. The hair clipper fits in the palm of the hand and has a rubberized grip for maximum control. If you love complete detailing then you will love how easy it trims hair on the neck, sideburns and behind the ear. It has a uniquely designed power curve blade system with an extra-wide curve that contours the angles of the head. This kit comprises of 9length Combs, charger adapter, oil, cleaning brush and travel pouch.

9. Remington PG525

This kit makes it easier for guys to look their best as it includes full-size and detail trimmer, foil shaver, nose and ear trimmer and lastly a vertical trimmer so that they can get rid of unwanted hairs from all areas. Enjoy the high power that this tool has to offer during your grooming as it comes with a lithium-ion battery that can you can utilize for up to 70minutes. The surgical steel blades are self-sharpening so that can provide even and comfortable trimming.

8. Remington HC5855

Forget about snagging and pulling hair when using this product. It has an exclusive system that keeps the blades in a proper alignment for a precise and even cut. There is also a super magnet motor that drives maximum power to the cutting system for an enhanced performance. Have an ample time cleaning the removable blade system under running water. The kit has length adjusting combs, a beard brush and styling comb and oil for the blades.

7. Remington PG6250

Satisfy all your grooming needs with this package that has a full-size trimmer, body hair groomer, and five length combs. The trimmer is waterproof so that it can be utilized on dry or wet hair, gel or foam plus or in the shower. There is hanging loop on it for easy storage. The blades offer a long-lasting performance as they have been made with stainless steel. The LED battery gauge shows when the battery is low and charging indicators.

6. Remington MB-200

using this item as it has an adjustable comb for trimming, shaping and edging the beards. It also has a wide blade that created fine lines and edges. The blades are self-sharpening and lube for life meaning they don’t require oiling. The blades are titanium coated so that they can be strong and durable. This item is easy to use as it is cordless and rechargeable.

5. Remington MB4040

Have a superior cutting performance when using this product to trim the beard. It has three ground blades with nine settings that can be easily changed using the zoom wheel. The quick release button makes it simple to clean Remington. It is not waterproof. Therefore one should not use it on wet hair or when in the shower under immerse or running water. Its lithium-ion battery lasts up to 120minutes on a single charge.

4. Braun BT5050

Cut through thick or thin hair without pulling of tugging with this beard trimmer that has ultra-sharp blades. Have the precise length and edges using the accurate dial to customize the desired settings. You can thoroughly wash this tool for easy cleanup. It also has a cordless or corded operation so that one does not run out of power. It is driven by Ni-MH batteries that last up to 50minutes on a full charge.

3. Glenda L-15

This machine is for babies and it has an ultra-silence technique adopted in its operation so that the children cannot fear shaving. The two attachment guide combs makes it easy for new mothers to have a crew cut while making the trim look natural. It is safe and easy to use as it has a high waterproof treatment for easy cleaning. It has different cutting models that mothers can choose from.

2. Yijan HK668S

Get a hygienic way of shaving your child at home using this clipper that has IPX7 waterproof certification making it easier to maintain cleanup. Parents can now enhance affection with their kids when grooming them while having a sense of achievement. It has a silence technique adopted on it with only 50db so that babies can be comfortable. The kit has a clipper, long, short and trimming guide comb, tonsorial cloth and cleaning brush.

1. Braun Multi-Grooming Kit

Create your unique style with effortless precision with Braun grooming kit. It has seven different attachments that will help you achieve the unique style. There is a smart hair clipper will provide control for haircut. One can reach full body grooming using it. The blades have a lifetime sharpness so that it can easily cut through thick or thin hair with no pulling.


These items will help with ensuring that one is safe when using them as they have been made with premium quality materials. There are other distinct features that you can choose to invest on. Order with confidence and you will have it within no time.

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