The Best Hair Cutting Shear – TOP 10 for 2018 Reviews

Cutting the hair can be stressful if you do not have the perfect shear since you can have uneven or split edges if you don’t get it right. There is also tugging and pulling that can be painful if you are using a blunt product. This article gives the perfect items for ensuring efficiency when cutting, thinning or texturing the hair. When purchasing scissors ensure that it is the ideal length, the ones made of stainless steel are durable, and the blades should offer a long-lasting sharpness. Go through this list, and you will get the best regarding quality, comfort, and price.

10. Equinox professional razor

This is the best product in this section that will give an even cut for the hair. It is a Japanese stainless steel hair cutting scissors which are tempered and equipped with precise blades and hand sharpened cutting edges for optimal performance. The distinctive, easy grip on it allows it to cradle fingers. It also comes with a removable thumb and finger inserts for sizing adjustments. It is versatile and can be used on a broad range of users because of its length which is 6.5inches.

09. Utopia Care

Enjoy the quality and durability that this item has to offer since it has been made with Japanese stainless steel. It has a length of 6.5inches with a 2.5inch blade that makes it easy to use. There is a leather storage case that comes with it so that one can keep it safe after use and prevent accidents. The rubber finger inserts that have been included in the package can fit any finger or thumb and are removable. Now you can trim hair effortlessly.

08. Equinox International

Get a confident hair cut anytime you use Equinox. It offers convenience as it only weighs 0.3ounce and the blade is 3inches so that one can use it with ease. Adjust it to the desire of handle and control so that you can get excellent results. There will be no messy hair clusters when using it so that no hair gets caught in between the blades. All salon and barber enthusiast should not miss out on having this efficient tool.

07. Professional Barber Thinning

If you are looking for improved razor edge retention, then this is the product that you should get to help achieve that. The blades on this scissors are convex hollow ground. Have an easy time when thinning the hair as it has teeth on one blade. It holds easy to use spring leaf adjustment system. Its construction consists of premium stainless steel and gold plated knurled knob for longevity and high quality.

06. Utopia Care

Get optimum control and balance with this scissors that have hand crafted blades. The handles are non-slip so that it offers a comfortable grip to the user. It has super sharp edges that make trimming very straightforward and effortless. Its edges will never bolt or get dull so you can have an excellent cut every time. The length its blade is 4-4.5inches with a 6.5inches length that makes it offer outstanding performance.

05. Equinox International

Hair thinning and texturizing has just been made easier thanks to this professional razor series that has teeth on one blade. No more tugging or pulling the hair when using this product. One can have stable movements with the adjustable tension screw on it. It has been designed to be lightweight so that it can be comfortable even to the smallest hands. Get the cut you want anytime you utilize this item. The handle offers a comfortable grip and cradles the fingers.

04. Goody Hair Cutting

This is the ideal scissors for hair cutting that barbers and salon workers can rely on for remarkable performance. Invest in it, and you will not need another product like this again. Its high quality is guaranteed by the high quality Japanese stainless steel that has been used in its construction. Another incredible feature is the tension screw adjustment that gives one stable movement when using it.

03. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

This set includes a barber hair cutting and a thinning or texturizing shears. They have been designed with precise blades and hand sharpened edges so that they offer an evenly clean hair. the 6.5inches length makes it easy to use them on a broad range of customers including children. They weigh 4.8ounces making it perfect for most people to use. Their handles have a comfortable grip design so that one has control.

02. Sanguine

This is the perfect tool for mustache, beard and even brow hair. It is sharp and maintains that for a long time so that you get excellent results every time you use them. It is hand crafted with Japanese steel so that it can last longer. The finger on it rest is removable. The handle is large so that it can serve the needs of various users. Get it and enjoy the crisply cut that it has to offer.

01. Chimocee Professional

These shears deliver a clean-cut that will not damage or split hair ends since it has ground blades. The blades have curved edges and have been razor sharpened, hollow ground and deep frozen so that they can be long lasting cutting performance, durability, and maximum sharpness. It can also be utilized on both dry and wet hair. It is lightweight with incredibly smooth and removable finger rest for additional cushioning.


These products work towards ensuring that one has a clean and even cut as desired. Not forgetting their longevity that has proven to be a sound investment for barbers and salon workers and personal users. Order any of them and save money and time.

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