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The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror for 2018 Reviews

The application of make-ups, shaving, facial treatments, and general grooming requires the extensive use of mirrors. However, not all mirrors are equal. Special kinds of mirrors are necessary to ensure great success in such undertakings. That’s where the makeup mirrors, that form the basis of the reviews that follow, come in.

For a start, a makeup mirror is a special kind of mirror that is designed specifically to aid in the grooming. The ideal makeup mirror ought to be easy to use, durable, affordable, and comprise as many relevant features as possible.

These kinds of mirrors are mainly utilized while showering or applying makeups. As such, they are largely used inside bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, and other areas where makeups or grooming may most likely happen.

The object and the intent of this review are to highlight, review and briefly discuss the top makeup mirrors as of the year 2017. This is to aid would-be buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.

10. Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Featuring a classic oval design and polished Chrome finish, this double-shaped table-top mirror is encircled in extra-bright lighting. It reflects style, looks, taste, and also illuminates and reflects images at their actual size as well as a further 7x magnification.

Among the host of the benefits, users may stand to accrue from its utilization include the ability to rotate its head to any desired angle to see either side of the required reflection. This is brought about by the 7x Magnification that allows users to see even the minutest of details and the 1x magnification that allows users to view their overall look. Moreover, users may flexibly adjust the face to any angle for easier viewing. It also requires no batteries and accords fog-free viewing.

09. Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror

Measuring 6.83 inches tall, 5.25 inches wide and 1/8 inches thick, this mirror is specifically intended for use while showering. It also incorporates an adhesive hook measuring 1 inch by 1.5 inches at the base. Its overall dimensions are 33% larger in size than the Original Shave mirrors.

A well anti-fog shower mirror, unique design, fog-free reflection and suction cups, are some of the elegant features that users stand to derive from its usage. What’s more? It is very easy to clean as it only requires the use of a pea-sized drop of toothpaste to rid its surface of any unwanted spots.

08. KEDSUM Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Operated with 3 AAA batteries, this bathroom vanity mirror is equipped with a strong suction cup and has the ability to rotate about 360 degrees. Among a host of its other notable features are the powerful 10X magnification, 8.2-ounce weight, 14 bright LED lights, and occupies only 1/2-square foot of space when folded.

Users may rotate it 360 degrees, adjust it to any desired positions, and carry it around seamlessly owing to its extreme light weight. On the whole, it measures 6.8 inches plus the frame. Apart from applying makeup while showering, this mirror is also suitable for traveling and may be used by persons of all ages.

07. Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

This adjustable natural bright light makeup mirror features the revolutionary next generation LED lighting system. It is 3.5 inches in size and has the ability to magnify images up to 10 times.

Potential users stand to draw several benefits from the use of this mirror. These include movable and power supply modes, close simulation of natural light, humanized switch design, distortion-free images, and the ease of adjusting the brightness and contrasts of images.

Its surface is resistant to scratches and it may also be fixed in just about every other available space. The fact that it is very portable and made of premium materials makes it all the more a worthy purchase.

06. Herwiss Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Equipped with the handy auto-off dual power supply, this trifold makeup mirror also has a 10x magnifying capacity. It may rotate up to 180 degrees and also generates a soft LED light illumination for beautiful and cosmetic shaving.

The possession and the subsequent utilization of this makeup mirror bestow unparalleled convenience to the users. For one, it is very portable and hence easy to carry around. Second, it may be operated either by the use of 4 AA batteries or by the use of a USB cable/port. Last but not least, it is applicable under varying circumstances and conditions. For instance, it may be used for applying make-ups, while on vacations, while shaving, or carrying out other facial treatments.

05. DUcare Portable Folding Vanity Mirror

Specially designed with HD quality imaging technology and accompanied by a cosmetic organizer, this makeup mirror is indeed an awesome possession. It is insulated with Acrylic, has a very hard and clear surface, and produces distortion-free images. Apart from being durable, it is also encased in a soft cushion cover that is embroidered with white stitching all around to further shelter it from kids.

Operating this mirror is pretty simple. Users may adjust the viewing angle hassle-free, may fold it for easy storage, and transport it conveniently at all times. It is, for all practical purposes, a perfect gift for mothers, models, beauty pageants, and just about any other person that cherishes awesome appearances.

04. ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Measuring 8.5 inches long by 2.6 inches wide by 9 inches thick and weighing just 13.4 ounces, this mirror is the perfect possession of any beauty-enthusiast. It has silicone adhesive, double-sided tape, and no suction cups. It also comprises a shelf that may easily store sponges, razors, and tweezers.

Coming alongside a first of its kind built-in squeegee, this fogless shower mirror is quite relevant for use in hot shower bathrooms. This is because it is designed in such a way as not to fog or fall off a wall wherein it may be fixed. It generates sharp images that are devoid of any distortions or blurs.

03. Fancii Lighted Makeup Mirror

Designed in a square shape, and coming with an easy-lock suction mechanism, this 6.5-inch wide daylight makeup mirror, is indeed a must have. Its most notable features are the 360° adjustable swivel, 16 LED lights, and 5.2inch clear glass mirror. It has the ability to expand images up to 10 times larger than their actual size, meaning that even the very minute details may be easily captured.

It is compact in size, is cordless in nature, and is encased in a soft Velvet travel storage pouch. This means that the users are not at all hindered while carrying it around, deploying or using it altogether. It is thus a very worthy and precious possession.

02. No Fog Shower Mirror

Devised in such a manner as to be very easy to clean and maintain, this fog-free shower mirror is indeed effective in displaying images and reflections. It embodies a separate razor blade holder, a locking suction mechanism, and an adjustable arm, among a host of so many other top notch features.

With this mirror, users do not need to constantly treat them with the fog-free sprays as they do not accumulate any fogs at all. Moreover, the mirror itself may be adjusted to the required angle/direction (for 360 degrees) in order to accord a better viewing experience. It is very suitable for the shaving of beards and is thus a ‘must have’ by all men who have beards on their chins.

01. Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home Magnifying Mirror

Being capable of generating images up to 10 times larger than their actual sizes, this mirror is perfectly suited for the office, vanity, or on the go. It does comprise 8 LED bulbs, both the 1x and the 10x magnification capability, and may even fold to allow for convenient storage.

Its users are granted the peace of mind they need to leverage the benefits of the mirror in several ways. These come in the form being easy to store, usability under varying conditions, and safety from some of the common elements of wear and tear. It may thus be relied on for quite a long period of time.


Now that it is quite clear that these mirrors are the final solution to all of a beauty enthusiast’s grooming requirements, why not consider making a purchase right away? There is absolutely no need to waste time or drag your feet. That’s because any delays may usually result in a surge in price or a compromise in the quality of any of the listed items.

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