The Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer for 2018 Reviews

The best nose and ear hair trimmers were introduced as an ideal choice to those who are tired of using a painful device which does not perform as expected. These devices are fitted with precision stainless steel blades to ensure a smooth cut. They are hypoallergenic and curved to trim while retaining a proper volume of hair for natural filtering.

10. Fancii Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Fancii Professional Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer if fitted with professional quality precision cut stainless steel blades that comfortably trim your ear and nose hair. It has an advanced vacuum system that whisks away residues for easy dry or wet cleaning. After use, you are only required to rinse the head under the sink simply. The blades are dual-edged and use cyclone blade action for efficient and quick trimming with no pain or pulling sensation. There is an also bright LED light that helps to find those hard to reach hairs. It is also fitted with cordless stand, and it’s powered by 1 AA battery.

9. Panasonic Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Panasonic hair trimmer is designed using compact and lightweight design and its fitted with fully powered one AA-size battery. It works best with Polaroid AA batteries and includes nose trimmer cap as well as cleaning brush for quick maintenance. The groomer is for men and comfortably works as a body and facial hair trimmer. It has a cleaning system that draws water from all sides and spins through the trimmer for easy dual nasal cleaning in seconds. The blades are hypoallergenic and curved to trim from top and sides while retaining a proper volume of hairs for natural filtering.

8. Battery-Operated Vacuum Cleaning System

This Battery-Operated Vacuum Cleaning System removes ear, nose and unwanted facial hair. It is a two blade device which removes detailed beards and eyebrows from your face giving you the desired look. The device features a smart micro-vacuum system that cleans and powerfully whisks away clipped nose, mustache, ear as well as facial hair particle as you trim. It is fully waterproof and can be used anytime when dry or in the shower.

7. Professional Water Resistant Trimmer

Professional Water Resistant Trimmer body is made of high-quality steel with no cheap plastic. It has bright LED lights that are huge to help when trying to find those hard to reach hairs. We can assure you that this product is backed up by a lifetime replacement warranty which gives you enough confidence on our product. The blades are of high quality and are made of stainless steel material to provide you with a clean, smooth cut. They are water resistance for an easy rinse of and bathroom usage.

6. Philips Norelco Nose trimmer

This is easy to use a device that comfortably trims unwanted eyebrow, nose, neck, ear, beard and also sideburns hair. It is made using dual cut technology that is sharpened twice for sharper blades and perfect edging. The skin-friendly detail trimmer has a rounded comb tips to trim your neck and all undesired hair comfortably. It is washed in the sink after use for long-lasting performance. It is made using a built-in protect tube technology that prevents neck, pulls and also cuts as you trim.

5. KEDSUM Portable Manual Hair Trimmer

KEDSUM Portable Manual Hair Trimmer is made using stainless steel material for ten thousands of continuous usage. There are no batteries required hence you can use the trimmer anywhere you feel like. It is fitted with painless and safe cutting blades that will never come into conduct with your skin. The device can be simply be operated by one hand and has minimal mechanical requirements. It also comes with a fingernail clipper as a small gift for you from the company.

4. Painless Electric Hair Shaver

Painless Electric Hair Shaver is a four in one device that brings you the best technology for a painless hair removal experience. It is highly effective and gentle on all skin types giving you smooth and quick trimming experience with no tugging. It is battery operated hence cordless for your convenience. It can be used at any time anywhere you want.

3. Precision Facial Hair Trimmer

Precision Facial Hair Trimmer is fit for women as it uses slim, lightweight blades which are designed for easy, quick and discreet trimming anywhere you want. It is super sharp since it has a dual-edge rotating inner blade that cuts and trims without pulling the hair hence ideal for use as a bikini razor. The blade has a detachable head that rinses with soap and running water for simple maintenance.

2. SUPRENT Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

The device is equipped with a rotary dual-edge blade system that takes less than ten seconds to finish trimming your unruly facial hair. It is a pain-free and sneezes free making you enjoy sounds of care being cut. The trimmer comes with an AA battery that can run up to six hours of continuous operation.

1. Wet/Dry Convenient Trimmer

This hair trimmer is for men and has long lasting edge blades that trim ear and nose hair comfortably without any pain. It comes with a protective cup that attaches to the handle to instantly extend nose trimmer grip. The device is fully waterproof to trim your hair during shower time.


Most of our trimmers come with powerful AA batteries that can operate for six hours or more giving you a comfortable experience. They are also designed with a round double blade that removes hard to rich facial hair that cannot be removed by any other device. All our trimmers are easy to clean with a soap and running water for durability.

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