The Best Sponge Mop Refill for 2018 Reviews

If there is one thing that you will not bar form reaching your home, it is dirt grime and grease and others. They are brought about by playing children, dogs, cats and others. But that does not mean that you stay stressed all the time when you see dirt in your house. Just wipe it out easily and with confidence with the kind of product that we have for you below, mop refills that have taken floors to the next clean level.

10. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray Mop Pad

This is a product that will help in trapping dirt and grime when you clean your floor. The advantage of this is that you will not push that dirt around. If you want to et the best results, we advice that you use with swiffer solutions that are perfect in any cleaning needs that you have. it I safe for use in all finished floors and will give you the best results.

09. O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill

We are bringing you a high quality refill that has been made form 100% microfiber. It has soft absorbent strings that will ensure your floor is never scratched at all. It does not choose the floor to use, if you have a hard surface floor, just buy it and let your floor be clean. You can also further wash this product by machine. Comes with 4 refills to make your work easier. Make you order now.

08. Libman Wonder Mop Refill

Having kids and dogs around or in your house is the best thing but be assured that dirt will always be present. That is why you need a mop refill that is going to ensure that all that work is perfectly done when it comes to cleaning. It has been made with a mop head that is fantastic because you can just remove it and wash it in a machine, put it back and use it in cleaning. Clean your floors without no stress.

07. Mr. Clean 446841 Magic Eraser Roller Mop Refill

Get this product that has been made with magic erasers that will go further in bringing you deep penetrating actions. It will ensure that all the dirt and grime that has been trapped in grooves and surfaces never gets a chance of ever staying there. It is also a highly absorbent product. Use it on your tiles, stone, vinyl, and even non-waxed floors.

06. Pubbermaid Commercial Products FGG78112 Refill

It has been made with a sponge head that is highly absorbent with the ability of resisting any abrasion. The horizontal grooves designed on it make sure that dirt is easily lifted off floor surfaces from all corners that it passes through. For those that have been looking for such a product for use in commercial and industrial applications, this will help you out a great deal.

05. Quickie Automatic Roller Mop Refill

Unlike many other products that you will come across in the market, this is a product that will always stay soft and rinses clean your floor surfaces. It has been made with a scrubber strip that is suitable for use in removing all the caked dirt that has been a bother to you for a long time. It has been made with the best manufacturers; never miss our products and others that we offer you.

04. Quickie Hardwood Floor Mop Refill

to make it suitable for your use, this product has been made from absorbent terry cloth so that non of yours is scratched at all as you use it. for those that have vinyl, marble laminate and tile floors, never run to any other product in the market as your floor will get damaged, just buy this one. the advantage that it has is that it can be used wet or even dry.

03. O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop Refill

Buy and use this product and you will be able to trap all the dirt and hair that usually hides in floors and crevices. One of the features that it has been made of is the red non-scratch spot eraser that has the ability to remove tougher dirt and stains from the floor. If you want to remove grease from your floor, just go ahead because the dark blue microfiber zone will take care of that.

02. O-Cedar Wood-Matic Roller Mop Refill

Unlike other mop refills, this one is unique. It uses a super dry sponge to dry all hardwood surfaces faster than any other mop refill. If you have a hardwood floor, my friend, don’t risk spoiling it, just buy thisitem and safe it and make it also clean. For best results, we advice that you change the refill after 3-6 months so that you are able to enjoy the best results.

01. Light And Thirsty Wet Mop Refill

You might be wondering why this item tops our list. There is always a reason for that my friend. This is a wield mop refill that is just good for vinyl floors. It has been designed with a lightweight feature so that it also gets into corners to remove dirt easily. When it comes to rinsing, it does the job well. It has been also given the best best price to suit all our customers. Ensure your floor is clean always. What are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

Don’t ever get annoyed again with floors that are always getting dirt. We have brought you solutions. The mops refills above never let you down. Choose the right one for your use in your unique floor and results will never be bad. They ensure that your house looks clean and shiny all the time. They don’t spoil floors by scratching them too. They are the best that you can get in the market.

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