The Best Tablets Screen Protector – TOP 10 for 2018 Reviews

A screen protector is a device that is adhered to a phone or iPads screen to prevent it from getting scratched or breaking.

What to consider when buying a display protector?


Ensure the screen guard that you purchase is compatible with your device since they are designed for different iPads.

Easy to use:

A good screen protector must be packed with a user manual for instruction and should be able to install without developing bubbles.

Should be thin:

The protector should also be thin such that it does not interfere with the visibility of the iPad’s screen.

10. iPad 9.7 inches 2017, iPad pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

The screen protector is compatible with iPad 9.7 inches 2017, iPad pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. It is designed in ways that it does not tamper with the usual functioning of the apple digital pen. It is cut to the exact shape of the iPad, and therefore you don’t necessarily require a technician to help you in installing the protector whereby it automatically adheres to the screen of the device without developing bubbles or any residue.
The screen protector is also designed in a light, and thin design such it does not show off ones placed on the iPad. Other excellent features include the high-resolution retina display that is viewed as the original screen of the iPad hence making it more functional.

09. Tech Amor iPad Pro-12.9-inch Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch

Tech Amor screen is designed for iPad pro 12.9 inches only. The protector secures your phone from getting scratches, and the original screen from breaking incase you drop it. It fits perfectly on the screen, and the best part is that the protector is quite affordable. It is easy to install and does not develop bubbles when installing it on your iPad.

08. New iPad 9.7 2017, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air Screen Protector

The protector is designed for the exact measurement that will fit on your iPad to provide maximum protection from any damage. It is designed for iPad Air and iPad Air 2.The item comes with a unique hinge design that makes s it quick and easy to install. And you can also follow the video instruction if you have problems in installing it. It fits smoothly without causing bubbles on the screen such that no one will notice you have a screen protector on your phone. It is quite thin hence does not add any weight to your iPad easy to clean especially if you have a coffee or water spillage since all you need it to wipe it off with a dry cloth.
. Other accessories packed with the protector include dust removal, bubble removal card, two home button stickers, a user manual and microfibre cloth.

07. TANTEK Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint and Bubble-Free Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 7.9-Inch iPad Mini 1/2/3

This is one of the hardest screen guards and is crafted of a thin material that ensures that the display retains its original thickness and weight. It is transparency and does not interfere with the usual visibility of applications on the iPad. The presence of Oleophobic coat reduces the visibility of fingerprints on the device, and the Anti-chip round edges provide excellent gliding and secure grip as well. Some of other packed accessories include an alcoholic towelette, microfiber cloth, and dust removal strip.

06. Anker iPad Mini/iPad Mini2/iPad Mini 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The screen provides a scratch resistance of up to 9H.It is quite transparent preventing any visibility or interference with the normal display function and viewing quality. The material is finger print resistant due to the presence of the oleophobic coating. The device is packed with cleaning accessories to help you in preserving the normal texture and look of the screen guard.

05. iPad Air Screen Protector, Tech Armor High Definition HD-Clear Apple iPad Air/Air 2/NEW iPad 9.7 2017 Film Screen Protector

Apart from protecting your screen from dirt and scratches, tech Amor is an affordable screen protector.It designed for iPad, Air 2, iPad Air, NEW iPad 9.7 among others. The products are designed with a transparent and stable material that ensures that the screen is protected from cracking if you drop your pad and also ensure that there is clear visibility on display without leaving fingerprints. It is easy to adhere which can be done by the use of a users manual and does not form bubbles as well.

04. iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Screen Protector Glass film Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The screen guard is designed for Apple iPad Pro that is 10.5 inch and can also be used on Apple pencil. It is easy to install and does not form any bubbles hence giving your screen protection from scratches while it retains its original look. Other accessories packed with the guard include A users manual, dust removal stickers and also dry wipes.

03. iPad 9.7 Inch/iPad Pro 9.7 Inch/iPad Air/ iPad Air 2 Screen Protector Glass

The screen protector is compatible with iPad 9.7 Inch/iPad Pro 9.7 Inch/iPad Air and iPad Air 2 that are 9.7 inches and 5th Gen 2016 and 2017. The glass protector prevents the iPads from getting scratches or the screen breaking in the case where it falls on the ground.It is easy to install and almost invisible making it easy to use the screen and have a clear view as well.It is quite thin, and light in weight hence does not add unnecessary weight to the iPad. The protector is packed with other accessories such as wet and dry wipes, dust removal and a user manual.

02. iPad Mini 4 Screen Protector Glass

The screen guard is designed for iPad mini four only and has a total of 99.9 percent transparency to ensure that the user has a natural viewing of the display. It is made with durable materials that are resistant to scratches and breaking as well. The screen does not leave fingerprints caused by the presence of oleophobic coating and is compatible with usual touchscreen sensitivity. It is packed with other cleaning accessories such as the micro fiber cloth and a plastic squeeze card.

01. Fire HD 8 Screen protector-OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen protector

The screen protector is technically cut to fit perfectly on your iPad. It is easy to install using a user manual and doesn’t leave bubbles as well. It is crafted using the best and durable material that is scratch resistant, and it is thin as well to ensure clear viewing of the screen. The protector is compatible with Fire H 8 Ipad. Other excellent features include an oleophobic coating that ensures there are no fingerprints left behind.


The above are ten of the best screen protectors to purchase for your iPad. Make sure that you check if the item is compatible with your device which is easy to find out since the protectors are labeled with the iPads model numbers that they are compatible with. Also, ensure that the protector is made with high material and has a thin dimension for clear visibility on the screen.

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